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Christ Church's objective for our Adult Formation series is to offer numerous opportunities for adults to strengthen their spiritual journey, as well as their place in the family, the community, and the world.

We meet virtually at various times during the pandemic and offer a variety of virtual classes and discussions on scripture, theology, social issues, and other concerns that impact our communal life. You can learn about what's on offer by signing up for our weekly Christ Church Gatherings email at the bottom of this page.

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Sunday Circle is a community-circle Adult Forum that meets between worship services from 9:30-10:15 a.m. in Old Brick each Sunday during the school year. Every month or so, there is a new theme of lessons with opportunities for discussion, sharing, fellowship, and prayers; each week, there are new topics for discussions and Christian enrichment along with opportunities to develop deeper relationships among parishioners. 

Father Manny will lead three sessions on the Book of Common Prayer in September. In October, Sunday Circle will focus on stewardship, with sessions focusing on God’s creation, how we love each other and our neighbors, money, and self.  Fr. Manny will then lead us in an exploration of the Nicene Creed in November.  Finally, as we journey through Advent we will delve into various types of prayer.

We hope that you'll join us for this engaging, weekly gathering.


December 2023:

Why Faith Matters Today 

During the closing month of this calendar year, we'll explore why faith matters in our present-day world. Join us as we discuss why Christianity matters in our predominantly unchurched society, how it impacts our individual and communal well-being, and why it matters for social justice and advocacy/action in the world.



November 2023:

My Faith Journey 

Join us as we hear directly from parishioners, and learn how our siblings in Christ have experienced their faith journey, what faith means to them, and how Christ Church helps nurture this. Each session will feature stories along with plenty of collective discussion about how God is at work in our own lives.

October 2023:


We will include a study on the importance of stewardship in all aspects of our lives. Join us as we explore how we may embrace our identity in Christ and encourage others to do the same. This fresh approach to stewardship will reorient us toward our true purpose as stewards who have been baptized into Christ.

September 2023:

The Book of Common Prayer 

Join us as we explore the Daily Offices that follow an ancient pattern of regular Christian devotion, the Pastoral Offices that include the sacramental rites foundational to the church, and An Outline of the Faith (the Catechism) and Historical Documents of the Church that shape our practices and provide us with tools to communicate with Anglicans around the world.

April 2023 provides Perspectives on Resurrection 

After the Holy Week and Easter break, we will be looking at commentaries centered around the Resurrection, learning how various individuals have expressed their perspectives on the subject, and discussing amongst ourselves how we interpret this important topic. Presented by Mother Marcia.

4/16 - Resurrection(three documents: 1, 2, 3)

4/23 - Resurrection II (three documents: 1, 2, 3)

4/30 - Resurrection in the Gospel of Mark

5/7 - Resurrection in the Gospel of Matthew


Lent 2023 centers on Faith Traditions and Sin 

During the 2023 season of Lent, Sunday Circle will explore other faith traditions' perspectives on sin. We will have lead practitioners of various faiths talk with us about how sin is perceived and understood in their faith tradition.

3/5 - Judaism (two documents: 1, 2)

3/12 - Hindu

3/19 - Islam

3/26 - Quaker

February 2023 explores Viewpoints on Immigration.

2/5 - Immigration Overview (three documents: 1, 2, 3)

2/12 - Politics of Exclusionary Immigration

2/19 - Immigration from Hungary to the USA

2/26 - Black Immigrants in the US

Sunday Circle is back for 2023.

1/1 - New Year's Day - no Sunday Circle

12/8 - Anglican Prayer Beads

1/15 - Vessels, Vestments, Postures, and Gestures

1/22 - Exploring the Ministry of Deacons

1/29 - Exploring the Ministries of Bishops and Priests

The final few weeks of 2022 center around Advent and Prayer.

12/4 - Welcome to Advent: Journeying to Bethlehem (two documents: 1, 2)

12/11 - Centering Prayer

12/18 - no Sunday Circle

12/25/2022 and 1/1/2023 - Christmas Day and New Year's Day - no Sunday Circle

November 2022 explores The Nicene Creed.

November 6, 13, and 20

October 2022 focuses on Forms of Stewardship.

10/2 - Stewardship of Creation

10/9 - Stewardship of Each Other: How We Love Our Neighbors

10/16 - Christ Church Annual Meeting - no Sunday Circle

10/23 - Stewardship of Money

10/30 - Stewardship of Self

Lent 2022 focuses on the History of Women in the Church. 

3/6 - Women of the Bible (two documents: 1, 2)

3/13 - Medieval Women of Note in the Church

3/20 - Women who Formed the Church

3/27 - Contemporary Women in the Church

4/3 - Women in Outreach in the Church

February 2022 centers around Conversations on Race. 

2/6 - History of Enslavers in Howard County

2/13 - Our Diocese, and Reparations

2/20 - HCPSS Black Student Achievement Program

2/27 - Three Episcopalians Who Made an Impact on Our Church and the World

January 2022 explores themes of Reconciliation and Renewal. 

1/16 - Reconciliation of a Penitent

1/23 - Healing & Laying on of Hands

1/30 - Meditation and Mindfulness

(four documents this week - 1234

December 2021 discusses the History of Advent Season Hymns. 

12/5 - O Come, O Come Emmanuel

12/12  Angels We Have Heard on High

12/19  Silent Night

12/26 - Christmas weekend - no Sunday Circle 


November 2021's lessons explores Religious and Cultural Influences. 

11/7 - Native American Influences

11/14 - Hispanic Influences

11/21 - Celtic Influences

11/28 - Thanksgiving weekend - no Sunday Circle

October 2021's lesson theme is about Stewardship and Gratitude.

10/3 -  Focused Prayers (Psalm 100, 2 Tim 2:1)

10/10 - Presence: Witness & Worship in membership (Heb 13:16)
10/17 - Annual Meeting - no Sunday Circle

10/24 - Gifts, Talents, and Fruits of the Spirit (Gal 5:22, 1 Cor 12:8-10)

10/31 - Service and Missions: Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria (Acts 1:8)

Join us on Sundays at 9:30 a.m. in Old Brick for these gatherings. 

Sunday Circle

at 5:30 p.m.
in Old Brick

This season, we are studying major themes of Paul's Letter to the Romans, as well as the Gospel of Matthew. We'll use The Letter of Paul to the Romans: Bible Study as our guide for this series.



These are opportunities for an in-depth study of the Bible. You don't need to know much, or anything, about the Bible. Simply bring your desire to learn along with us.

at 9:30 a.m.
in the
Conference Room

Join us as we explore Sabbath: Finding Rest, Renewal, and Delight in Our Busy Lives by Wayne Muller. Everyone is, of course, welcome.


Christ Church
Parenting Group

During Sunday School, parents will get the opportunity of gathering together, an opportunity for parents to get to know each other, share the joys and challenges of parenthood, and learn new and exciting parenthood perspectives. This seminar will begin with a class on The Mindful Child, an audio CD by Susan Kaiser Greenland. If you're interested, join us any Sunday morning in the New Brick Vestry Room at 9:30 a.m. or email us at for more details.

ToT MAIN.jpg

Theology on Tap
a monthly fellowship gathering

Looking for a space where you can have a nice chat about interesting religious articles from the pages of the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal?  Theology on Tap is an opportunity for informal, structure-free conversation with other parishioners at a different local watering hole each month. Come and join us at 7 p.m. on the third Wednesday of each month, so we hope you'll stop on by for a fun evening! Contact Sarah Thomas or Mike Looney, or sign up for our weekly newsletter at to learn more about this new gathering and upcoming locations.

Theology on Tap
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