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at Christ Church

The ministry of caring is at the heart of the church's life. It may include hospital visitation, counseling, and ministries of shared presence, listening, and support.  At Christ Church, the Clergy and parishioners work together to minister in Christ's name within and outside the parish.  


Ministries grouped together under the leadership of the Lay Pastoral Care Commission include:



Teams of parishioners prepare and deliver a meal on occasions of need such as births, illnesses, or deaths.



One of our parishioners sends handmade cards in the name of the Christ Church family when tangible signs of support are most helpful.


Baptism Preparation

A team of laity work with the clergy to help parishioners desiring baptism for themselves or their children prepare for this sacrament of initiation into the Church community.


"Keep in Touch" Ministry

A group of parishioners use telephone, cards, and occasionally visits to keep parishioners, who are temporarily or long term out of weekly touch with the worshiping community, connected to our spiritual fellowship.


Lay Eucharistic Visits

Eucharistic ministers are commissioned each Sunday to take communion on a monthly basis to parishioners physically unable to attend church.


Healing Prayer Station

At each Sunday Eucharist, a parishioner serves at the Healing Prayer station at the back of the sanctuary to offer anointing with holy oil and laying on of hands prayers for those wishing this prayer after receiving communion. 


Flower Ministry

Each Sunday after the 10:30 Eucharist, the altar flowers are delivered to members of the congregation as a sign of the community's presence for persons who are in the hospital or celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, etc.


Bereavement Ministry

When a member of the family of a parishioner dies, the church seeks ways to be with the family in their time of need.  We respond in many ways as we seek to comfort one another.  We are working to be more intentional in this ministry.


Prayer Ministry

Members of the Lay Pastoral care Commission share prayer concerns via email, text, and telephone as the ministries work together to strengthen our individual and corporate life as a faith community.


Prayer Box

Parishioners are invited to drop their prayer request in the Prayer Box in the Narthex. The Rector picks these cards, and among others offers private prayer for those parishioners.


Parishioners wishing to learn more about these ministries - either to serve in one, or to be served by one - can reach us by email, or by calling the Church Office. 

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