Spiritual Life Commission

at Christ Church

The purpose of Spiritual Life Commission is to provide nourishment for our souls and ways to strengthen our faith over the Church year.


Our group organizes the weekly Prayers of the People by members of the congregation for the Sunday services, provides an annual inspirational theme for the Parish. We also sponsor an Advent Quiet Day, a Christmas Party in Old Brick, a Lenten Reflection Day, a 5-week Wednesday Night Lenten Supper Series with invited speakers, and a Weekend Family Retreat in October at the DuPont Center in Rehoboth, Delaware.

"Arise, for the task is yours…

take courage and do it."

Ezra 10:4

Do you feel that you are too busy or over-committed with careers and family duties to stand up for your principles and your faith? Do you believe that another more qualified, dedicated person will take on the responsibility to honor our Lord with the time and talent required to bring His Kingdom into reality? It requires determination, vision, and purpose driven by love of God to refocus our lives and our priorities.


This year’s theme for Christ Church comes from the prophet Ezra in the Old Testament. The Jewish people had just been released from captivity in Persia in 458 B.C. and had returned to their homeland in Israel after more than 70 years in captivity. The faithful, returning exiles found that Jews, who had remained in Jerusalem, had intermarried and accepted the customs of the other peoples in the area, forgetting their allegiance to the one true God, JAWEH. These people were apathetic in their spiritual life. Ezra is calling them back to their faith and service to God. These people are asked to change their lives and to become a renewed nation with purpose and dedication to each other and to the one true and loving God. In response, Israel renewed its covenant with God and began acting in obedience to Him.


Today, we encounter the same problems as God’s people did 2500 years ago in a distant land. We are often enticed by a secular lifestyle, trying to fit in and meet the cultural demands of our society. Our time is structured by our image and our desire for status in our communities. Our Lord reminds us that our first allegiance is to our Creator, Redeemer and to the Spirit of Truth. The Church founded by Jesus needs active participation to care for others and spread the gospel of love. We must act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with our God. Let us prioritize our spiritual journey.


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