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Spiritual Life Commission

at Christ Church

The purpose of Spiritual Life Commission is to provide nourishment for our souls and to provide ways to strengthen our faith over the Church year.

The SLC coordinates many programs throughout the year. For example, they organize the weekly Prayers of the People by members of the congregation for the Sunday services, as well as provide an annual inspirational theme for Christ Church.


During a typical year, they also sponsor an Advent Quiet Day, coordinate a Christmas Gathering in Old Brick, present a Lenten Reflection Day, organize a 5-week, Wednesday Night Lenten Supper Series with invited presenters, curate, and publish a yearly Lenten Meditation Book (more than 75 pages this year), as well as design a weekend family retreat in October at the DuPont Center in Rehoboth, Delaware.


Through these gatherings, the SLC aims to help build community and inspiration around each and every Christ Church parishioner. If you would like to know more or learn how you can be a part of the SLC in the future, please email us.



Peace is a precious concept, and it carries many different meanings. It’s often interpreted as tranquility, harmony, security, and well- being. Peace is also an absence of war or violent conflicts on the international stage. We all seen images of cities and lives destroyed and we have heard dreams of reconstruction and a return to the everyday pursuits of family life, careers, and education. Peace also means the end to gun violence in our schools, in our neighborhoods, and around the world.


Peace holds the hope for a life that’s free from fear, depression, and despair. Peace would bring an end to domestic violence, child abuse, and end the epidemic of suicide in both adults and adolescents. Peace is a calm and reassured feeling deep in a person’s spirit that is often a gift of God.


In his prayer, St Francis of Assisi asks us to spread God’s peace, to respond to hatred with love, to pardon those who cause injuries, to confront doubt with faith, to bring hope to those in despair, and to counter the darkness and sadness in the world with light and joy. He also prays that we seek to console, to understand, to love, and to give to others. He realizes that

forsaking your self interests and putting others first lead to eternal life with God.


God’s peace is beyond human understanding. In the letters of Paul, we as Christians are instructed to “make every effort to do whatever leads to peace.” Peace is also the fruit of the spirit for all those who let God rule their lives, and so Paul also asks us all to be ministers of reconciliation and peace.


Today, we are desperately in need of personal peace in our souls, in our families, in our communities, in our country, and on the world stage. Let us be agents of peace bringing joy, forgiveness, love, and help to those in need.


Praise to our Lord of Mercy and Grace.

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