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Spiritual Life Commission

at Christ Church

The purpose of Spiritual Life Commission is to provide nourishment for our souls and to provide ways to strengthen our faith over the Church year.

The SLC coordinates many programs throughout the year. For example, they organize the weekly Prayers of the People by members of the congregation for the Sunday services, as well as provide an annual inspirational theme for Christ Church.


During a typical year, they also sponsor an Advent Quiet Day, coordinate a Christmas Gathering in Old Brick, present a Lenten Reflection Day, organize a 5-week, Wednesday Night Lenten Supper Series with invited presenters, curate, and publish a yearly Lenten Meditation Book (more than 75 pages this year), as well as design a weekend family retreat in October at the DuPont Center in Rehoboth, Delaware.


Through these gatherings, the SLC aims to help build community and inspiration around each and every Christ Church parishioner. If you would like to know more or learn how you can be a part of the SLC in the future, please email us.

be one body in christ, belonging to each other.

from romans 12:5

Connection and devotion to each other through our love of Christ is a powerful force. We all have different abilities, passions, and a desire to serve one another. Our enthusiasm and faith are strengthened by our mutual support and interactions. Being together and expressing our joy, insights, doubts, sorrows, and conflicting solutions help us as a community and as individuals to solve problems and remain on the path with Christ in our journey through life.


Paul, in his letter to the Church in Rome, explained to this dedicated group of believers that they represented the Body of Christ in many different places with vastly different duties, but that together as believers were a unified group with a unity of purpose. No one person is unattached or operating alone. No one person is separated from the blessing of God’s spirit. This is the Lord’s intention for His Kingdom on Earth.


As we struggle through the isolation and fear of the last two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, let us remain in touch with each other, connected to one another to encourage and express our love and concern. Let us always communicate our thoughts and friendship to every individual - not only in our own Christ Church, but also with our families, friends, co-workers, community, and beyond. We must bridge the gaps that exist, and maintain the vital connections.


Help us to serve each other, and all those in need.

to learn more about the Christ Church Spiritual Life Commission,

or how you can become a part of this or another ministry,

email info@christchurchcolumbia.org