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some christ church outreach programs that offer hands-on experiences


Grassroots Crisis intervention Center

This multi-service center helps people in crisis throughout Howard County. Volunteers prepare and drop off menu items at Christ Church in order to provide a monthly meal for 50 shelter residents. Click the logo to help.

LEMS Partnership

LEMS is a partnership between Christ Church and Lake Elkhorn Middle School geared toward providing support to students, teachers, and families.

You can read about our successful summer 2022 drive here and our latest update here, and if you'd like to help us in the future with one of our several LEMS initiatives, email us.

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CEC Food Drive Collage.jpg
CEC Food Drive Collage.jpg
CEC Food Drive Collage.jpg
CEC Food Drive Collage.jpg

CEC Seasonal Food Drives

This ministry, which is expected to resume as the pandemic allows, is held at local Giant supermarkets to collect groceries for the Howard County Food Bank.

At Christ Episcopal Church, we believe that part of a life of faith is sharing what we have, 

and working to help improve lives of all God's people.


If you are interested in learning more, or wish to become an Outreach volunteer,

please let us know.

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