Our Music Ministry

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Music is central to Christ Church's mission and worship life. Recognizing the unique dangers posed by singing at this time, we sadly must also put a hiatus on in-person choir rehearsals until our diocese allows choral and congregational singing to resume. During this time, we are delighted to offer the following digital offerings for musical formation, focusing on building vocal and theoretical skills. When we return to our church building, we will be stronger singers than when this pandemic started!

Our RSCM Chorister Program continues to flourish – digitally! We invite all boys and girls age eight and up to participate in Thursday rehearsals from 5:00 to 5:45 PM via Zoom. We begin with a brief warm-up, followed by focused rehearsal time on hymns and anthems. Then our fabulous Vocal Coach Dr. Madeline Miskie (known to our Choristers as "Dr. Miskie") works with Choristers individually while others work on music theory packets. Our long-term goal is for Choristers to record their individual parts, which we will splice into a fabulous "virtual choir" performance. For more information and to enroll your child, please fill out this form. Our first rehearsal will be Thursday, September 17.

For our Adult Choirs, we are partnering with the choirs of St. John's, Norwood Parish to offer digital voice, theory, and sight-singing lessons. We will offer an optional Tuesday session from 7:30 to 8:15, holding virtual "office hours" to answer theory questions. We will distribute workbooks, packets, and other music theory materials for our choir members to work on at their own pace. During this Tuesday session, our RSCM Vocal Coach Madeline will offer group voice classes. Thursday evenings, also from 7:30 to 8:15, will be focused on sight-singing, using solfège and scale degrees to become competent readers of music. For more information and to sign up, please email Adam Detzner, Director of Music, at music@christchurchcolumbia.org. This is a great time for people new to our church or music program to jump in! Don't know how to read music? We'll teach you! Don't know how to sing? We'll help! Our first sessions will be Tuesday, September 15th and Thursday September 17th.

Vocal Soloists and Instrumentalists are also encouraged to join in the musical tradition of CEC. A wealth of talent within our congregation is the source of much of the special music offered at CEC throughout the year. Whether a young pianist, high school instrumentalist, or adult soloist, all are encouraged to share their God-given gifts in praise and worship.

If you have any questions or want further information, feel free to contact Adam Detzner, Director of Music, at music@christchurchcolumbia.org.