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Christ Church Sunday School

Sharing our faith stories with the youngest among us 

one child per form, please

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The purpose of Sunday School is to provide Christian education to children in pre-school through high school.  Students in pre-school through 5th-grade classes are using Episcopal Curriculum for Children as the curriculum. It is a multi-age curriculum and is based on Episcopal faith and traditions. 


Sunday School for children begins immediately after the 9:00 a.m. Children and Family service. We are excited about our new program for children formation, which is called Episcopal Curriculum for Children.
Children will meet in the classrooms adjoining the Great Hall.  Volunteers are utilized to lead the classes, and we are greatly appreciative of them! Sunday School also sponsors the Christmas Pageant, Vacation Bible School, and Mite Boxes each year. More participation in Sunday School is always our goal, and we greatly encourage regular attendance in class.  We are always in need of more teachers and assistants to join our small but mighty ministry, so if you are interested in occasionally or regularly assisting us, please email us!

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