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Lake Elkhorn Middle School Partnership Update

Most parishioners are familiar with nearby Lake Elkhorn Middle School due to our yearly drive to buy school supplies for children attending the school whose families are financially challenged. However, over the last several months we have had conversations with Brian Wallace, the new principal at LEMS, about how our church community can be involved in supporting the school in ways that allow us to know the students and families on a more personal level. Many ideas have been suggested and we are waiting for the staff to respond shortly. We will start small and see what works.

We just attended the culminating presentation for Black History Month at LEMS and it was an exciting and inspiring experience for everyone who attended. The theme was “Resistance through Education.” The first part of the program included an outstanding presentation of songs by the choir of spirituals and “Lift Every Voice and Sing.” The band played a rousing piece and both students and teachers read their own poetry. The dance troupe did an exceptional job of representing the theme. Perhaps the most heartwarming aspect of the program was the joy and pride on the students’ faces and the enthusiastic applause they gave their teachers.

The second part of the program involved a gallery and door walk. Groups of attendees were guided through the hallways to view the extensive collection of posters and artwork posted throughout the school. In addition, the teachers and students worked together to decorate classroom doors with information about Black history. It was truly a humbling experience to see how much of Black history has been overlooked in the typical school curriculum. Fortunately, these teachers are eager to educate their students about the unsung contributions of the Black community in America. The photos here (click to enlarge) are just a sampling of the colorful, creative, and informative doors.

In the weeks to come we will be letting you know more about opportunities to become more involved at LEMS. Principal Wallace is deeply grateful for our past support and is looking forward to seeing our parishioners in the school building supporting students. Please let us know if you are interested in being involved in this inspiring school community.

Mary Vail and Cathy Whittaker


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