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Lenten Meditation: Canticle to the God of Light

Praise be to the God of Light! praise at morning, praise in the silvered night!

Dust are we and live in darkened ways Unless we search and find His lighted rays. We therefore lift our hearts and minds aloft -to praise the God of Light!

We praise Him for His kaleidoscopic world His light and dark alternately unfurled.

For moonlight on a forest floor starlight through an open door sun on sea and sand on shore.

For deepest caves and stalactites reflections, glow-worms, stalagmites.

For rushing river’s effervescence Falling water’s iridescence Rising vapour’s incandescence.

For sombre shade of forest gloom Hills aflame with yellow broom.

For steeples, towers, domes and spires sheen along the length of wires.

For the sun-tipped wing of a bird in flight a meteor shooting through the night.

For a limpid lake in a liquid dream Pebbles in a sparkling stream moon-moths in a fluted beam.

For all His unexpected light- The beaded eyes of beasts at night, His insects, small, bejeweled and bright.

For puddles in a sudden sun, rainbows when the storm is done.

For a booted bee in a pansied flower a spangled web in a summer shower.

We praise Him for that surprising silver trail of His humped and humble morning snail

For glistening frogs and water weeds pods and thistle down and seeds mists among the meadow reeds.

For dappled daylight under trees for all earth’s fine transparencies winter’s fragile traceries phosphorous on heavy seas blown spume on a sunlit breeze stars and farthest galaxies

We praise Him We praise the Living God of Light

by Fay Clayton


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