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Lenten Meditation: A Statement of Hope


I believe there is reason to hope,

for there is love in the world,

and beauty and joy,

an impulse that inspires,

those it touches to do good,

to dream up dreams,

and create wonders,

to heal wounds and spread peace.


I believe there is reason to hope,

to hold out for eternity,

for the Source of All,

to act with courage,

to be gentle and true,

and by watching and listening to increase in wisdom;

to trust that a seed can grow, in time,

into a fruitful tree.

I believe the Earth needs me to care,

though I often fail.

and am daunted by the task.

Yet, I need the Earth to give herself to me;

hourly and daily, year by year.

All that dies that we may live,

I believe is making a noble sacrifice,

and I honor the life,

by striving to live

in hope and in gratitude

as well as I can.


I believe that I am but stardust and breath,

yet supported by forces I cannot comprehend,

I journey through life like a river to the sea,

rough ground and smooth all teaches me,

I believe that my life is about more than myself,

and I search and I wonder, how best to love.



~taken from “The Uncommon Book of Prayers” by Annie Heppenstall


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