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An Insightful and Musical Second Week of Lent

Beginning with Taizé Vespers on Sunday evening, the second week of Lent had something for everyone. Kiona gave us an insightful homily last weekend, and Fr. Earl Mullins returned to Christ Church for our weekly Lenten Supper Series and shared a perspective on neighborly conduct that we all should take to heart. We had beautiful music throughout the week - gorgeous pieces led by our Director of Music, Larissa, and inspirational acoustic songs performed by our favorite house band, Small Delusions. Christ Church's common life continues to flourish and grow because of YOU. We are blessed and grateful for each one of you who have gathered with us, whether in person or virtually.

Join us tonight for Lenten Taizé Vespers at 6 p.m. in New Brick, and begin the third week of the Lenten season specially.


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