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The Spaces In-Between

Most of life is spent in hope for better things yet expectation of what is to come or anticipation of what could be and while this is good, even necessary... Focusing on the few more “memorable” moments misses out on much of the spaces in-between: Time with loved ones, time amid others, time to ourselves, time spent going places and getting things done,  time spent sitting utterly still. Such seemingly mundane spaces on life's broad canvas are the under painting of the portrait, that our life becomes the basis of the character we create moment-by-moment day-by-day. While more exciting times are mere small fragments on their own, a sad display an infinitesimal, tiny sample of the grander scene of life. So slow down, dear ones. Breathe deeply, remembering that rushing only leads to rudeness.  Instead of slopping through these middling spaces... Correct some of their ugliness by brushing them with beauty, a little each day. Carefully choosing each word and action- coloring them with kindness.  Be honest, but without cruelty. Stop tolerating the intolerable. Stop committing to what you don't want. Stop rejecting what you truly need. Life is a limited commodity. Don't squander your time or anyone else's.  Clothe yourself with humility- artist's smock of life is the covering that allows for mistakes, creativity and continual learning.   Make the most of every moment especially the ones in-between. You might find that in the end they were the most precious times of all.

Copyright © Rhona McFerran | 2018


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