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Rosemary Service of Remembrance - Saturday, December 14th

The season leading up to Christmas can be a pressured time when frazzled nerves can help cause us to get beside ourselves. Christ Church offers Rosemary Service of Remembrance, a quiet worship that helps us to slow down and recover ourselves. We especially invite individuals and families for whom Christmas will generate painful memories of loss to join us in a comforting and meditative service of prayer, music and readings.

In candlelight, sprigs of rosemary will be given as remembrances of those who are missed at this season of Jesus’ birth. The title for this worship comes from Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, in act IV, scene V: “There’s rosemary; that’s for remembrance. Pray, love, remember.” This service is intended to help worshipers “pray, love, and remember.”

All are welcome to join us on this special afternoon in Old Brick.


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