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Rosemary For Remembrance

Rosemary For Remembrance

Saturday, December 10th at 6 p.m. in the New Brick Sanctuary

We have all known an amount of loss this year - either directly, or through our connections to one another. The impact of losing a loved one has been felt by all of us at one time or another. In addition, the weeks leading up to Christmas can be a very pressured time, and frazzled nerves can cause us to get beside ourselves. This is why Christ Church offers Rosemary for Remembrance, a peaceful service that helps us to slow down and recover ourselves.

Whether you've lost someone dear to you recently, want to provide support for those who have, or if you simply want to take a moment for reflection, join us tonight at 6:00 for this comforting and meditative service of prayer, music, and readings, as we lift up all of those loved ones who have left us.

Although we recommend that you gather with us in New Brick, you can also join us virtually by visiting our website's main page, or using the YouTube link below.

The service leaflet for today's service is here, and Deacon Denise's homily can be read here.


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