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Questions on Loving and Giving

Questions regarding ideas and perspectives on LOVING & GIVING:

*What do you recall are the different types of love?

*What is your earliest recollection of love?

*When do you feel God’s love most prominently?

*Is love blind or critical?

*How do you express love?

*How do you know love when you experience it?

*Does receiving love make you feel guilty or uncomfortable?

*Does acting as a loving, caring person make you feel vulnerable?

*Does it make you feel like you will be perceived and misinterpreted as overly sensitive?

*Is being a loving person just too much effort?

*Do you see it as a sign of weakness or of strength?

*Can you ever love another person as much as yourself?

*Does love fill the empty spaces in our lives and in our hearts?

*Who has inspired you to be a loving and giving person?

*Can you name some famous individuals or important role models in your life (a teacher, a family member, a neighbor, a coach, a friend, a leader in your community, a minister, a counselor, or co-worker)?

*Can love be taught by words, or only by actions?

*Can love be a guiding principle in our desperately struggling world?

*How can we incorporate more love in words and actions into our lives?


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