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Pentecost Sunday - May 28

Next Sunday, May 28th, Christ Church will have one special service at 10 a.m. It will be a celebratory and colorful procession - we invite parishioners to wear red (the liturgical color for the Day of Pentecost) and the children and choir will process around the church. The children are invited to come and lead us in singing "We are the Church," which Larissa has been rehearsing with them. We will also share the Gospel passage in many languages that make up this vibrant and varied congregation at Christ Church.

Following worship will be a communal potluck lunch, and we hope you'll all join us - sign up at This day is also Mother Marcia's final Sunday as Associate Priest at Christ Church. She is not leaving our parish family, so don't worry; she is just stepping back from the day-to-day staff responsibilities. We will be thanking her for her immeasurable service to Christ Church these last few years - as well as celebrating her birthday, also this weekend! - so be sure to join us. But PLEASE - Mother Marcia has requested to not bring any gifts... just a ton of food and fun!


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