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Lenten Meditation: Past Experiences of Living in God’s Light

“Me help you?” was a hopeful question from a toddler-aged grandchild, who wanted to be a connected and incorporated member of the family. She wished to contribute her abilities and be recognized as a generous and reliable person. She wanted to give her service to those she loved. Recognizing and appreciating her deep desire to shoulder her responsibilities, was an important part of her development as an individual. Each of us carries in our souls, in our inner being, a love that needs to be shared and a real commitment to play a part in the human community, pulled by our gratitude to God our creator, redeemer, and guide. Being a light involves listening and responding with active love. The darkness will recede as we work to see the incredible potential of all people and the beauty that we can create striving for unity, dignity, and respect of individuals of all ages, abilities, cultures, and races.


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