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Lenten Meditation: Weston Prayer

I pray to stay open today.

Open to the unrestrained energy of now.

Open to mystery and power.

Open to whatever comes.

Open to routine and surprises.

Open to moving past my first reactions.

Open to my imperfections and the divine spark that underlies them.

Open to wonder and the everyday grace of life unfolding as it does.

Open to events an circumstances that I like, and those I don't.

Open to fatigue and overflowing energy.

Open to listen and to speak.

Open to love in all the ways it manifests.

Open to give and to receive.

Open to seasons changing, priorities rearranging, nothing staying the same very long.

Open to letting beliefs dissolve into the ether.

Open to the direct experience of truth.

Open to forgetting and remembering.

Open to life and open to death.

Open to fear and courage, ease and difficulty. I pray to stay open.

by Danna Faulds


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