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Lenten Meditation: Rebecca's Cross

I was given a beautiful wooden cross by Rebecca as a thank you gift for Altar Guild work. It’s small and smooth; handcrafted with care. I carried that cross in my car and reached for it often when I felt the urge to cuss or complain. I still cussed and complained often but less often.

Recently we had a sprinkler failure in New Brick at Christ Church when a 3-inch pipe burst opening a dime-sized hole and gushing gallons of water that devasted two floors of drywall, insulation, electrical systems and flooring. As Co-chairs of Buildings and Grounds George Toth quickly began work with many others to make repairs and recover. I quickly reached for my cross and began carrying it in my pocket. It’s sometimes a worry stone and sometimes a reminder that we’re not alone in our work or struggles. It’s always a strength to me as it represents His strength.

Thank you, Rebecca


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