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Lenten Meditation: Be God's Light - Staying Connected Through Technology

I cannot imagine what the past year would have been like if we had been without the incredible abilities we have to communicate remotely as we have traveled now for many months through this pandemic! Truly, this has been the light "shining in the darkness."

I am thankful and I am so grateful for all the technology that we are blessed with, technology that keeps us informed and in touch with family and friends, that entertains us, and that allows us to work and play and visit with one another - albeit remotely. It’s technology that makes our journey through the days of the COVID-19 virus manageable and less terrifying than it is to so much of the world that’s living with the same threat but are very much in the dark and frighteningly vulnerable. We have the luxury and the blessing of being able to schedule times and places to receive our vaccinations so that we can imagine the day in the not-too-distant future, when life as we have known it will return to normal.

We know so painfully, at the same time, that so very many of our brothers and sisters in this world do not have access to mass communication and are terrifyingly vulnerable not just to the coronavirus but also to frightening levels of hunger, and loss, and hopelessness.

May we each pray every day through this season of Lent and may we each find a way to make a difference to someone, to help one of our brothers and sisters in this world who are in need, over and above and beyond the ways in which we usually give and contribute. This kind of giving can take so many forms. It can be, but is not necessarily, financial. May we each search our hearts and, remembering what Jesus gave for us because he loved us, may we all be His eyes, His ears, His hands, His feet, and His heart this Lenten season.

We are so privileged. We are so loved by our Savior, Jesus. May we "love one another as He loves us.”


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