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Lenten Meditation for Today: A Prayer

Every year during Lent, the Spiritual Life Commission of Christ Episcopal Church compiles and publishes a Lenten Meditation Book, containing submissions from our parish family that are intended to help provide comfort, encourage reflection, and spark action in our community and the world. These meditations range from poems and quotes to Bible verses and prayers, as well as songs, personal reflections, and inspirational passages from well-known theologians or authors. If you're nearby, you can grab a printed copy of the 2023 LMB at Christ Church while supplies last, or you can visit us here as we'll post one meditation each weekday. You can also check our social media outlets; simply click the links in this post, or bookmark the icons at the top of this page.

We hope that you enjoy and appreciate these meditations, as they reflect our varied and vibrant Christ Church family. We're grateful to be able to share them with you.

Lord, please help me to stay calm and maintain my peace when faced with pressured situations. Help me not to feel forced into making rash or hasty decisions. Show me how not to give in to the pressure to act before I am confident what the correct course of action actually is. Help me not to allow the pressure of the moment to force me into making an ill-fated decision that I will regret. Give me the wisdom and clarity of thought to properly discern the choices available to me. Let me not to be agitated, disturbed, or intimidated by the circumstances around me. Grant me Your peace so that I may maintain calmness in the midst of adversity. I ask You for your guidance and direction concerning the choices before me. Lord, I trust you and will follow your direction.

submitted by Sydneya


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