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Fostering a Reign of Peace

How easy it is to get wrapped up

In our own little universe

The cocoon of the daily grind

Of going about our business

Trying to protect our turf

'Cause we're more fragile than we let on

We live in fear that aggressors surround us

Propelling us to not forget and not forgive

Yet when we step back and

Focus on the meaning of our life

On the direction we want to take

And the legacy we'll leave behind

We do want to be kinder and

Contribute to a better world

Not just for us but for mankind

And in the end we'll face our Maker

Standing alone solely accountable

For our deeds and misdeeds

Responsible for our own journey

For how we cultivated our heart

And the goodwill we did impart

When tallied will we have done enough

Or will we be asking for forgiveness

For barely missing a passing grade

With this in mind and while it's not too late

Let's take stock of what's in our heart

All start practicing forgiveness,

And letting go of the past as we realize

To forgive is to set ourselves free.

~James Edward Lee, Sr.


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