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EfM Welcomes a Few New Participants Next Year

Education for Ministry invites the people of God to discern and act in faith through small group reflection.


We are looking for a few more members of Christ Church to join us in an exciting journey to discern our roles as ministers in Christ’s name.

Education for Ministry is a unique four-year, small-group program based on study and practice in theological reflection, helping participants discover and nurture their call to Christian service where they live, work, and play.

Our vows at baptism say that all baptized Christians are ministers. God calls us to be active participants in ministry. So, what is that ministry? As the Church, we are called to continue the ministry of Jesus. We are called to be the hands, heart, and incarnate body of Christ in our own place through worship, reflection, in service to others, and by the proclamation of God’s Word to all people.

This is not a traditional Bible study program, though you will learn a lot about the Bible as you read it alongside basic biblical commentary, church history and practical introductions to Christian theology and ethics.

There were eight of us who entered this program last September. We met three to four Sundays each month for three hours in the afternoon. We’ve read - a lot! We’ve laughed and cried and talked - a lot! We’ve discussed the weekly material and then applied that to the process of theological reflection.

Now, as the first year of our EfM seminar is drawing to a close, we are looking for a few additional people to join us as we enter the next year of study and theological reflection. Because of the program’s cyclical nature, individuals may begin their studies during any calendar year of the four-year cycle. Participation by members at a variety of levels of study will be so enriching for us all.

Please consider joining us!


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