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COVID Vaccine Resources, Available Assistance, and Request for Volunteers

COVID-19 vaccines are available in Maryland for those who qualify, but getting an appointment is nowhere as simple as it should be. Here is a document that provides more information about who is currently eligible for a vaccine, links to local and state guidance, and helpful direct links to most major organizations providing vaccines. This will be updated each week as information changes, so check back each week for the latest consolidated information.

In addition, Christ Church is offering assistance to those who are currently eligible for a vaccine (age 65+) and would like help getting an appointment. Often the appointments at retail locations fill up in minutes, so we have volunteers who can quickly jump on those opportunities for you. Please contact Kathy Lyon, Pastoral Care if you are interested in getting assistance.

Finally, Christ Church is looking for additional volunteers who are comfortable using a computer and would like to assist our high-risk parishioners with registering for each of the separate vaccine waitlists. If this sounds something like you can help with, please contact Deacon Denise. By working together, we can help our church community get vaccinated as soon as possible and move one step closer to a return to normal.

If we can be of further assistance, please email


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