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Christ Church's Spiritual Life Theme for 2022

BE ONE BODY IN CHRIST, BELONGING TO EACH OTHER "Let us always communicate our thoughts and friendship to every individual - not only in our own Christ Church, but also with our families, friends, co-workers, community, and beyond. We must bridge the gaps that exist, and maintain the vital connections."

The first line above is Christ Church's Spiritual Life Theme for 2022, centered around Romans 12:5. Our Spiritual Life Commission gathers several times each year to discuss ways of providing nourishment for our souls, and to present programs and gatherings that assist in strengthening our faith over the Church year. One of these ways is to choose a theme that we can use as a foundation for our common life, ministries, and outreach efforts throughout the coming year.

We encourage you to visit the SLC page of our website and read their thoughts on this year's Spiritual Life Theme, one that speaks to the current times quite appropriately. Visit


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