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Christ Church has a Podcast!

Christ Church Conversations

Episode 1: The Seed in Us

As you know, we've been discussing the idea of a podcast for a while, and we are excited to present Christ Church Conversations to you, our new podcast series. This series will take shape in many forms over time - audio, video, interviews, scripture-based discussions, and so much more - but as it's still in its earliest stages, we're keeping things somewhat simple. Soon, we'll be on major podcast platforms and have a page on our website, so as we grow, we hope you'll grow with us.

Our plan for Conversations is a multimedia collaboration of our parish's many features, talents, and interests. It's recently been gaining steam, but we would love to involve more people to help make this the best it can be. If you enjoy writing, are interested in researching the multilayered history of Christ Church, or have an interest in a particular topic you'd like to share with others, we can find a place for you! For more information, please speak with Fr. Manny or email

You can listen to every episode below:


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