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Blessing Machine

In one of my daily morning devotionals, I chanced upon this phrase “Blessing Machine.” I thought that was very cute because that was my first experience with the phrase “Blessing Machine.” The phrase was actually coined by a Vicar of the Church of England in his attempt to describe the Church and all faithful people as Blessing Machines. I can at least appreciate his grasp of what it is that God calls us to do, and the metaphor of a machine seems to imply abundance and efficacy.

What I find most fascinating about the phrase Blessing Machine is that it takes into consideration the capacity of a machine to efficiently produce and over-produce if necessary. To be a Blessing Machine then is to produce and over-produce all that is good, lovely and kind. It is more like experiencing in a totally new way, the joy of blessing others with more blessings than is necessary.

I feel the urge to be a blessing, and I know many of us feel that same way. One story I’d like to share with you is about a gentleman who came by the office seeking help with his rent because he’s scheduled to be evicted tomorrow if he doesn’t pay what he owes by close of work today. He came as I typed this article. Well, the question for me was, how can I be a blessing machine to a man with kids who is on the verge of being evicted from his home? Thankfully, he didn’t need as much because he had a good portion of the total sum.

There are lots and lots of similar stories. And I know for a fact that we cannot solve all these problems. I also know that although we cannot solve even half of them, nothing stops us from making a genuine effort towards being the Blessing Machines that we can be. In fact, nothing holds us back from being a blessing to another person with just a simple hug or a smile. 

I‘d like to cite two examples of how to be a Blessing Machine. First, we should take genuine interest in others. Do not hesitate in letting others know that you care about them, and that what matters to them matters to you. Do not hesitate to ask people questions about their welfare. Do not let self-interest blind you, be interested, ask, inquire for that’s one way of being a blessing machine. Second, show courage on behalf of others. During the Plague of Cyprian in AD 250, Cyprian, who was the bishop of Carthage demonstrated remarkable courage during the plague by tending to the sick and burying the dead. Whereas other fled from the sick and the dead for fear of being contaminated, Cyprian and a band of Christians showed tremendous courage by risking their own lives. They too, became a Blessing Machine. 

Over the next couple of days you will find in your mailboxes a letter and a card from Christ Church inviting you to participate in the Pledge Your Love Campaign. This is our Annual Stewardship drive where we invite all of Christ Church to pledge their support to the Mission and Ministry Budget for the coming year. In a sense, this is an invitation for you to be a Blessing Machine to Christ Church just so Christ Church may continue to deepen its interest in the life of others and to speak and act boldly on behalf of the vulnerable in our community and around the world.

I believe there’s nothing more gratifying than to know that others around you get caught up in the blessings of God, if you yourself are experiencing the blessing of walking in close relationship with God.

You are blessed if you walk with God. And if you walk with God, you will no doubt be a Blessing Machine – one who abundantly blesses others with the blessings from God.



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