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A Truly Fitting Celebration

What an Easter Sunday at Christ Church! We had hundreds of every age come to worship in person at our three services, and more than another hundred worship virtually during our 11 a.m. livestream. It was an incredibly beautiful day of celebration - in song, in prayer, and in fellowship - not to mention some exciting Easter egg hunting!

A heartfelt thanks to everyone who joined us, whether it was today, throughout Holy Week, or during the season of Lent; we're humbled and thankful for you, no matter how you choose to take part in our community of faith. We are such a blessed, vibrant, and affirming parish family, and we're full of gratitude and love for each and every one of you for being an important part of it.

Be sure to stay in touch and join us for the many upcoming spring and summer gatherings taking place at Christ Church! If you don't receive our weekly email newsletter, drop us a line here, or email us at and we'll make sure you stay informed.



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