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WOCC Holiday Luncheon - What a Great Time We All Had!

After several years of not being able to gather in person for our annual December Luncheon, we were back at King's Contrivance Restaurant for 2022.... and what a wonderful day it was! The turnout exceeded our expectations and it was fantastic to see so many of you - both regulars and first-timers!

Thanks also to those who brought their donated Christmas gifts for Springfield Hospital. It was a beautiful and amazing array of presents! For those that still intend to donate, you will have until December 18th to drop them off in the Springfield bin in the Tower Room. Please do not wrap your gifts, and do not include glass containers, manual razors, or medications. Thank you for your support of Springfield Hospital!

Please remember - if you are a woman aged 18+ who's a parishioner of Christ Church, you are already a member of the WOCC, so come and join us throughout the year for fun and fellowship! If you'd like more info, feel free to speak to anyone in these photos, or email us at


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