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We Need a Few New "Shepherds"... Will You Be One?

Now that the COVID restrictions are lessening we are seeing more new faces whom we would like to see return and eventually become members. We are putting together a program that we hope will help with this. One thing we would like to do is to have members who are willing to be church Shepherds of newcomers. The responsibility of a Shepherd is to get to know the family, make them feel welcome, and introduce them to other parishioners. Shepherds and Newcomers will be matched based on family makeup, talents, and desire to help in specific ministries. We see this as a two- to three-month process. We will provide a Newcomer event once a month where all newcomers and their Shepherds can interact. We encourage that the Shepherd family to meet with the newcomers on their own. If you would like to be a Shepherd, please contact Beth Johnson, Newcomer Coordinator, at (443)745-2885 by voice or text, or email her at We hope you can be a part of this important ministry.


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