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Love is a Verb

Love is a verb.

As Christians, it is what we do — in imitation of Christ.

In the post-Eucharist prayer, we ask to be sent "into the world in peace", and granted "strength and courage to love and serve” our Lord, "with gladness and . . . .” Remember?

Last week at the Dorsey Center, where our group went to serve lunch, I met Pete. He was there to wash dishes, for both serving groups of the day. I asked him why we were so fortunate as to have an extra participant for such a grungy task. He told me that he had once been the recipient of such meals and that now he wanted to contribute to the effort.

Pete was offering his love, by washing dishes two days a week, for four plus hours each of those days.

Love, as a verb, doesn’t always require so much time or effort. It can be giving a sandwich to the beggar at the intersection. It can be offering a ride to a neighbor, who temporarily cannot drive. It can be taking the time to speak to a newcomer at Christ Church. It can be swallowing one’s pride, saying “I’m sorry, I have forgotten your name, but we met just last week”. Showing love can be done a hundred times a day, in all the little things we do.


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