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Lenten Meditation: Why Do We Feel That We Belong?

Encountering a person from our Church, I feel a closeness and a connection. There is a warmth, a smile in greeting and a deep caring for that individual. I feel free to share personal news in my family- both problems and successes. My reserve or guard has dissolved and I feel free and open. It is like sharing joys or sorrow with a member of my extended family. In this community, I feel attached and cared for. We have similar goals and aspirations. We feel free to offer or receive help from each other. We often work together in community service or in reaching out to others who are alone or ill. We inquire about their well-being, if we have not seen or spoken to a person in a while. We miss them. Their presence is important to us. We are part of a whole, and everyone is essential.

I am full of joy when a past member of the community returns for a visit. Our common bond is our love of Christ and the love spills over. We are linked by love and by common experiences. We pledge to be one.


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