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Lenten Meditation: Life Lessons from a Cicada

Although we won’t see them again for another 17 years, it appears to me that such interesting creatures have left us with some life lessons worth considering:

Be patient with yourself. Personal growth and development takes time – whether it’s 17 years, or a lifetime.

Stillness gives the spirit a chance to rest and revive. Stillness is a good thing - even if you’re not underground.

Persevere. If you keep falling off that tree you’re trying to climb, keep at it.

Travel light. Leave unnecessary baggage behind. The cicada leaves the carapace behind to begin a new life.

Lift your voice and make a joyful noise. Join others in song.

Okay, so maybe not quite as loud as the cicadas, but loud enough to reach God’s ears!

“The heavens are telling the Glory of God…”

Psalm 19


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