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Lenten Meditation: Family

Family: “Be One Body in Christ, Belonging to Each Other”

I have, in the past, been cautioned to refer to our church body as a “Community” rather than a “Family.” Well, I no longer live in Maryland, and I have gradually grown to become a part of a truly wonderful church in my new home Virginia, but I want you to know that when I turn into the parking lot off Oakland Mills Road in Columbia, it is a homecoming for my heart and for my spirit!

For you whom I may never meet because you discovered Christ Church after I had moved away, I would still say that you are my family because you made that same life and faith choice in a church, and in a church family, that I made years ago.

When I look across a worshiping congregation at Christ Church, I see you all, my sisters and my brothers in Christ! I see the unmistakably beautiful palette of God’s handiwork, all together, worshiping as the one big family that we truly are in this world: God’s children!

Christ Church is a priceless treasure! Imperfect as we all are on this earth, when you stand in Christ Church in worship on Sunday morning, please know that you stand with your sisters and your brothers and that you are, together, one family blessed with an incredible Rector, Father Manny, a wonderful Priest Associate, Marcia, and an exceptional Deacon, Denise. Rejoice in that.

Somehow, I know that God does!



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