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Lenten Meditation: Church is Just a Start

All people who marvel at the complexity and awesome beauty of life recognize there are two components of existence: a physical vessel, which eventually dies and something, the spark of life, which animates us. We call these body and spirit, or soul. We don’t know much about the soul but believe it to be eternal. We sense that this mysterious union has a purpose, a teaching journey. Instinctively, we yearn to form communities. Those communities always strive to grow in numbers and seek to prosper, improve their surroundings for their needs – and in this is the rub!

When communities touch each other, they strive to absorb the other, and if their views differ significantly horrible, deadly conflict arises. But an example of propagating life fosters the pathway to reconciliation and peace. The joining of two sides in marriage has often been used to reconcile two competing communities and create one. The marriage ceremony has always been the ultimate union and peacemaker.

Many Christians underestimate the intent of God, the Father. They create a mythical image that cares for His people. Some of them believe He has gone off to “do better things” and left us to figure things out. Others understand that He is involved in our very lives at every moment, but few truly understand the reasoning why. No one who is intimate with Him would suggest that they know most of the reasons, but they will suggest a few they have learned to be true. One of these truths is that His intent is not only to be our best friend, but He intends to marry us.

Now, marriage to God seems a far-fetched concept, and those strongest in the Spirit know that this union is the ultimate commitment of our mortal lives but put aside your incredulity and think about what such an act would mean. When one is truly married, they are one flesh, one body. There is absolute trust and love of each member to the rest of the body. There can be no separation for then the entire body suffers. There can be no conflict, which cannot be resolved for it must be resolved, because the body cannot suffer loss. This is the Kingdom of God! Ever wonder why no one ever comes back to us? This is the answer why. God does not keep us apart by force. Once married to God, you never want to leave!

During this time of reflection think about your need to learn about Jesus Christ, so you can first rely on Him as your friend, for He has called you “friend” before you have acknowledged it. Learn to adore Him for his help, guidance, mercy, grace, and inestimable love. Recognize that good Christians gather in churches to do His work in this twisted, selfish, self-seeking world of false riches and powers. Learn to become His body in this world through acts of love and compassion. Learn to trust and love Him fully without any reservation, and in time you too will be ready to join in the marriage feast and cross over to be eternally joined in one body in which there shall be no pain, suffering, or tears of sorrow. When this marriage is complete, He joined to us, We, will begin in a new journey more wondrous and awesome than this most amazing one on which we now tread.

Oh, what joy awaits!


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