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Lenten Meditation: ALL the Body Parts are Important

Our Sunday school class was talking about how each one of us is important to the church, just as each body part is important to a person. The students were asked, “Which body part would you want to be, and why?”

· A heart or a brain, because they are important organs. The heart pumps all the blood. There is no blood that doesn’t go through the heart. The brain sends me messages.

· A hand, because it’s hard to not have a hand. You need to write and pick stuff up with a hand.

· Also, the hand. If you didn’t have a hand you couldn’t scratch an itch.

· Legs, so I could walk to different places.

· Arms, because they help me balance and walk.

· The brain, because it is very smart.

· The eyes, so I can see everything.

· I want to be the mouth, so I can tell my sister all about school.

· I want to be the tongue, so I can taste all the food.

· I want to be the brain, because it is the smart part of the body.

We decided that ALL the body parts are important and need to work together, just like the people in our church. We cannot have just some, we need all! We then said the following prayer:

We thank you, Lord, for letting us belong to your household. Thank you for water that lets us live, especially for the water of baptism, which is poured on us as a sign of our new birth in your kingdom. Help us today to come even closer to you as we learn how you have poured out your love on us. We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, your Son our Lord. Amen.

~ from Weaving God’s Promises


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