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Christ Church on Zoom : Tonight

7:00pm: CENTERING PRAYER What is Centering Prayer, you ask? Well, Centering Prayer is a unique method of prayer that helps us be present and open to God, moving us beyond conversation with Christ and towards communion with Him. We gather virtually for a brief time every Monday evening, and newcomers are always welcome to join us for this special gathering.

7:30pm: CHRIST CHURCH OUTREACH'S DECEMBER MEETING The CEC Outreach Commission invites you to join its monthly meeting to learn about opportunities this fall. In keeping with our mission, the scope is local, national, and international. We ask that you stop by our Zoom gathering to learn more about the many Outreach opportunities that can help those less fortunate in our community. There are people and families in need - especially during this hectic time of the year - so even if you're new to our ministry, log into Zoom for a bit and see how you can help.

For the Zoom details of all of Christ Church's gatherings, email us at and we'll send them to you.


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