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An Incredibly Heartwarming Zoom Recap with Friends of Sabina

On July 23, 2023, Christ Church Outreach members and parishioners connected virtually with leaders of the nonprofit Friends of Sabina (FoS). Friends of Sabina is one of the many Outreach organizations that Christ Church helps support. Thanks to the very generous contributions of our parishioners and hard work of our Outreach Commission, we were able to receive a comprehensive update to their efforts at work from the leaders of FoS, as well as the students and staff.

An engaged group of participants also spoke with students and the librarian at Sabina Boarding Primary School and enjoyed a selection by Sabina’s choir.

For more than a decade, Christ Church has supported Sabina after helping to establish its library, a resource center for the school and for residents of Sanje, Uganda. Parishioners who have traveled there include the Alperns, the Hokes, and the Aribiahs, whose ties go back to Teddy Aribiah’s childhood. Through the Outreach Commission, we pay the librarian’s salary and other expenses. For more information about how to support FoS improvements at Sabina, please email Outreach at

Since 2020, Christ Church has facilitated the opportunity for parishioners to sponsor Sabina students whose families otherwise cannot afford schooling. In an uplifting response to the July 23 event, parishioners stepped forward to sponsor two students: Roger, aged 10, and Phionah, aged 15 (both pictured above). You’ll find a photo collage of children who were previously matched with sponsors on the FOS page of the Christ Church website. Several enjoyed speaking with each other on Zoom at the event.

For more information on Christ Church's Outreach programs, please visit


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