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summer re-gathering

Coming Back Together for Worship at Christ Church

Dear Friends,

Since this pandemic began, Rectors and Wardens of the many parishes across the diocese have been meeting periodically to evaluate our response, strategize, and gather updates on the next steps. We have had different professionals help us at each step of the way.

We regularly meet, and in light of the huge strides that we have made as a country with our vaccinations, the Diocese of Maryland has advised us to begin the process of relaxing all COVID-19 restrictions but has stressed that it should be done in a systematic way, and not with any ad-hoc measures.

Although the State of Maryland and Howard County have lifted the mask mandate, we will continue to encourage parishioners to wear theirs - particularly while indoors - and especially when they have not been vaccinated.

The entire Christ Church staff has been fully vaccinated.

The latest Diocesan message regarding COVID-19 is here.

Please understand that none of the decisions and protocols are set in stone. We'll be monitoring all activity throughout the summer, and there may be many changes as more data becomes available.

Do not hesitate to share your discomfort with any of these decisions. You can always contact us at and we'll respond to you directly. We'll work as hard as we can to accommodate all parishioners.

This page will be updated as the Diocese of Maryland and local and state regulations develop.

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