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Conversations on Race: The Rabb Lectures -This Saturday

The Episcopal Church has been using the metaphor of the labyrinth in connection with its long-term commitment to racial reconciliation and justice – to becoming beloved community. In Christian spiritual tradition one common framework is that the walk to the center of the labyrinth is a walk of interiority – of self-reflection, spiritual grounding, and prayer – preparing oneself for conversation with God at the center of the labyrinth. One can then turn and walk outward – ready to engage community life in a new way. During her presentation and interactive workshop, our guest lecturer, Katrina Browne, will help us consider aspects of our interior lives with regard to issues of race. Whether it’s cross-racial relationships or dynamics between white people of different political stripes, it’s easier to bridge divides when one can bring emotional and spiritual intelligence into the mix. How can we love our neighbor and love ourselves when tensions are thick? The Episcopal Church’s vision of how we become beloved community will invite us into walking this holy ground.

More details are below, and you can sign up here.


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