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Lenten Meditation : My Creed and Worldview


  • I believe in a Loving, Perfect God who created this universe and all that is in it.

  • He has established the Laws governing life in His presence and this universe.

  • Life is from His infinite Love.

  • There can be no falsehood in Love; in Him is all Truth.

  • I believe He created me (us) and has given me (us) complete freedom of choice.

  • I am a spiritual, eternal being on a physical journey.  He has placed me in a physical vessel to live a short time and learn how to love and form community.

  • He has told me that I’m created in His image.  When I live according to His character, I will become that which He intends me to be.

  • In this life, I will choose either to reflect His character or that of my own making.

  • He is intimately involved in the process of His creation, constantly recalculating with each of our choices what is needed to achieve His goals.

  • His goals will be accomplished, and NOTHING can or will change that.

  • He has provided me with guidance to understand His character, a written text called the Bible.

  • Although many variations of the text exist, He has kept the source Bible inerrant.

  • He is a personal God.  He has given us a pattern, His only incarnate Son, the Word, to show us the straightest, most direct path to find and understand Him.

  • Through the experience of His Son, there is no human misery which He did not fully experience.  He is worthy to judge us.

  • To all who follow and accept Him, He has provided a guide to help us, the Holy Spirit, a still, small, quiet voice which speaks the Truth.

  • Each day I try to reflect the character He intends for me.  Each day I fail, but His inestimable Loving Forgiveness restores me.

  • When our physical journey ends each will choose in truth between Life eternal with Him, or that of our own desires.  Lovingly, He will accept the choice.

  • I believe that His Love for all of his creation is so great, that He created a place for those who choose to exist away from His presence and company to fashion and order as they choose.  We call this place Hell.

  • Hell is a place void of Love, Goodness, and all attributes of God, full of loathing hatred of Him and His creation boiling in unimaginable pain and fear.

  • He has shed His blood to cleanse me and calls me “friend” and a “child of God”.  With His help, I look forward with great joy and gratitude in joining the community which He is building.    


~ George


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