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Lenten Meditation for Today: Music as an Instrument of God’s Peace

Music has always been an anchor in my life. Like my church. My family. My friends. Music brings me comfort when grieving or worrying. It brings my joy. Music boosts my spirit and my mood and strengthens me when I’m struggling. And being in a choir and a band helps me have a wonderful circle of friends who have also become an anchor in my life.

Some of the most meaningful spiritual moments in my life have come while listening or performing music. I have truly felt the power of the Holy Spirit come over me through music at times and believe that God helps us find him through music. In those moments, I didn’t feel frightened or intimidated by God’s presence, I felt comforted and blessed. I felt certain that God is present in my life.

Because I feel the power and comfort of the Holy Spirit through music, I am naturally drawn to seeking ways to use music to bring comfort and joy to others. I’ve had at least 5 friends and family members go through hospice care so far in my life and each of them found peace and comfort through music played through recordings or through quiet performances in their rooms. The grandkids played the tuba, cello, and guitars for my parents which brought joy and laughter to the somber setting – and down the halls, at times. And I cannot count the number of hymns I’ve quietly sung beside a loved one’s bed. Singing those hymns hopefully brought comfort to my friends and family, but also helped me through those hard times.

Today, I hope you teach your children a new song or learn a new one together. Spread the joy music can bring and help them find music as an anchor for their lives too. Or join the choir and truly become an instrument of God’s peace each week!

~Submitted by Jan

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