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Lenten Meditation: Become!

Fear stays the heart and destroys conviction. The Word repeats to us, “Fear not, for I am with you!” Why does knowledge of such understanding seem so helpless in transforming us? Because of the unique gift of freewill that is given to us. We must choose to allow ourselves to be transformed, to become that which we do not yet see, to leave our past, and to trust the forming hand of the potter. So, courage is required on our part to overcome that fear keeping us enslaved in the form which is known and comfortable. Through Love, we understand that only goodness comes to us. We see countless examples of awe-inspiring transformation through Love, and yet the failings of selfish desire and evil intent somehow stoke the fires of fear arresting our desire, stunting the growth of our faith. Take courage! Step out into the Light! Act in Love, and become that which He intends, and you will find that in Perfect Love there is no fear.


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