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Lenten Meditation : Love Conquers All

At times, we can become inundated and overwhelmed by the tragedies reported daily in the news; by the sad times in our own lives; or those of family and friends; and so we want to scream: “How can I make a joyful noise unto You, Lord?  The world is a mess!  How can I be a gift of joy if I am joyless?”  Which is when God says: “I’ve got this. Take a deep breath and look around.”

Consider this — even as he was being arrested, Luke tells us that Jesus decried the violence by one of his disciples who cut off the slave’s ear and then healed the slave!  (Luke 22:49-51)  In spite of the perilous situation, Jesus continues to serve, heal, and restore dignity.  He continues to love.

And so, if we look to Jesus, we know that by being secure in God’s love, Jesus found the strength to love and serve and overcome, and we can do the same.  We become able to see with the eyes of faith and allow ourselves to be drawn to the light, to hope, and moments of joy-giving large and small.  That perfect cake that you made for an event; a warm embrace for a friend you haven’t seen in ages; a silly riddle to share with a grandchild; a new bud on a plant you’ve been carefully nurturing; a warm hat and scarf you knitted for a homeless person; sharing your musical gifts with nursing home residents or in a choir — these are small but important examples of how we can be a joyful gift to others and become joyful ourselves.

I’ll conclude with a prayer by Brennan Manning in “The Ragamuffin Gospel”         

Lord Jesus, Savior, Servant…help me to dream again.         

Rekindle in my heart that fire of the disciple who sees         

his calling everywhere, hears Your invitation everywhere,         

reaches out to Your children in great need…everywhere.         

I really do want to live Your life in mine—-to serve, to care,         

to give, to sing Your song—-for Your glory and pleasure. 



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