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Lenten Mediation: Connection

Our world is not perfect. We’re all seeking connection. The connection piece is so strong and yet it remains elusive to many of us.

As a child, I wasn’t exposed at home to religion. My parents divorced when I was four years old and, with that, any ties to my father’s Episcopal upbringing were severed.

My mother remarried and, together with my stepfather, decided not to choose a particular religion for my brother and me.

Growing up, I was always searching for a sense of connection. I attended various church services with my friends and their families, and I was drawn to the rituals and mystery I found in the Catholic Church.

As a young adult, I joined the RCIA program at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, in Dallas, Texas, where I was living at the time. Roughly six months later, I was baptized and confirmed in a beautiful Sunday Mass on Easter, and I’ll always love Easter’s message of hope and renewal.

Since my relationship with God has taken a few turns and gone in a few circles, but I’m grateful to say my love for God is strong today. I’ll always be grateful I intentionally chose to connect with God in the presence of a faith community in my early twenties.

Today, as a member of Christ Episcopal Church, my spiritual journey has come full circle. My husband, Steve, and I have recently moved out-of-state, and we’re grateful we’re able to remain virtually connected to CEC.

My closing wish is for all of you to have a meaningful and reflective Lenten season. I believe we can find connection by opening our hearts and minds in new, higher ways than we previously thought possible. God bless you all!

~Lisa L.


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