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ONE MORE WEEK! Send Your Submissions for the 2024 Lenten Meditation Book

For decades, Christ Church has compiled a Lenten Meditation Book and distributed it to our parishioners on the Sunday preceding Ash Wednesday. The LMB is created with love and designed to assist us all in times of quiet contemplation, preparing ourselves for rebirth and renewal at Easter. Each year, our LMB centers on the Spiritual Life Theme for that year, and so ours for 2024 is Be a Joyful Gift to Others, which you can read a bit more about on our website. Poetry, stories of reflection, images, prayers, and inspirational quotes from writers or theologians - they all come together to make up this special booklet, one that you can take home with you and use each day during the season.

To accomplish this work, we must have all submissions in by next Sunday, February 4th to edit and publish this work in physical and digital form, the latter of which is viewed by many thousands of individuals worldwide throughout Lent. That gives us only a 4-week timeframe for submissions, though, so please don't delay.

You can submit these by name or anonymously - your choice. If you need help getting started, visit and check out previous years' reflections. Submit yours by email to or place it in the Spiritual Life mailbox in the Church office.

Questions? Speak with Ellen Hoke at church or email her at


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