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More October WOCC News

This past Monday, the Women of Christ Church took a "field trip" - a Labyrinth Walk at St. John's Episcopal Church in Ellicott City. From ancient times, labyrinths have been used for walking-meditation and prayer. Often they were built in churches so that pilgrimage journeys could be walked by those who could not travel long distances. St. John’s Episcopal Church in Ellicott City has a lovely outdoor labyrinth in the medieval or Chartres style (after Chartres Cathedral, France) and several WOCC members - some of which are in the photos below - took part.

Also... Next time you visit Old Brick for Adult Forum, be sure to take note of the new Book Truck addition in anticipation of the purchase of new prayer/hymn combined books. The members of the WOCC are grateful to the families of Dorothy Vaughn (dec. 06/03/2018) and Don Loewecke (dec. 01/12/2019) for the bequests which provided funds for these additions, and to Ronnie Ivey, who researched and arranged the purchase of the new book truck.


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