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Lenten Meditation for Today: An Instrument of Peace

Christians believe that they must act as instruments of peace. Countless pacifists and peacemakers have written volumes trying to guide and enlighten people to life-saving benefits of peaceful coexistence, and most people of the world seek peace, and yet it remains elusive. How can an attribute so desirable remain so unattainable?

The problem is our perspective. We are all created uniquely different and have unique perspectives. That fact translates to our notions of peace as well. My peace is different from my brother’s and my sister’s. Consequently, there can be no universal peace coming from any of us. But when we turn ourselves into instruments working for Christ, lose ourselves in Christ, we see and find a universal peace, a peace that passes “all human understanding”. And what is that “understanding” of which the Gospel writers speak? It lies in the profound understanding that peace is not a state of being or existence, but a relationship! The Peace of Christ is one built on mutual trust, love, and devotion. A relationship in which no harm or injury can occur which cannot be healed, and all parts are joined in harmony working as one. As Matthew said, “Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and” (Matt 6:33) He will provide all that is needed so that you can become His instrument of Peace, the only universal peace.

~Submitted by George

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