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Lenten Meditation: Be Christ’s Body, Belonging to Each Other

When my family and I joined Christ Church some 40 years ago, we immediately felt the presence of Christ, and that the Christ Church family represented the Body of Christ, as described in Romans 12:5. We believed that we were all a part of the Body of Christ and that we each had something of value to contribute to the whole.

Over the years, my children were acolytes, angels, and shepherds in the Christmas pageants while my husband and I served as ushers and he on the Vestry and the search committee for a new pastor - each, in our own way, using our talents to contribute to the value of Christ Church.

Our faith, family, and the strength of being part of the body of Christ through belonging to our Christ Church family, has sustained us through many of life’s events – both trials and triumphs. My awareness of “belonging to each other” in this Body has sustained me during the loss of my beloved husband and the adjustment to being a woman alone.

Preston and I belonged to each other from The moment we met, and still belong to one another, even in death. One of my favorite scriptures, Jeremiah 29:11, has given me comfort and strength during this difficult time, as have my children, my friends and my Christ Church family.

The pandemic, and my health challenges that put me at risk, prevented me from going out much in the last few years. But I still feel a part of the body of Christ and the presence of belonging with my Christ Church family. God’s blessings on us all as we make this Lenten journey together.


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