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Lent at Christ Episcopal Church

Lent is a season of transformation and self-examination, when we ask God for forgiveness and repentance while creating space to talk about Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. These forty days lead us into closer unity with God.

Read more on our website about how Christ Church will be observing the season and how you can prepare for Holy Week. From our Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper and Ash Wednesday services through Easter Sunday, our entire Lenten schedule can be viewed at

Daily Lenten Meditations will also be posted on our website and social media pages each weekday morning throughout the season, and these can help present you with moments of reflection and prayer as you carry on with your day.

You can receive our weekly email newsletter by joining our mailing list; email us at and we'll add you so that you can receive the latest information.

To practice Lent is to draw near, and better understand, Jesus Christ. Lent is a season of intentional discipleship under Christ and with Christ. We also practice Lent to bond more closely with fellow Christians who are on the same journey - not only with those at Christ Episcopal Church but also with all those around the world.


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