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Hidden Treasure of Love

Today, we drove by a church sign in our neighborhood announcing an upcoming sermon entitled “Hidden Treasure”. My heart and mind were touched by this concept. Since every Christian has a treasure of our Lord’s grace and immeasurable love that we often take for granted. We don’t often offer to share our exceedingly valuable gift of Christ’s infinite mercy, forgiveness and open invitation to a growing and deepening relationship with family, friends and acquaintances. We don’t routinely share how our lives have changed. How new purpose has given greater meaning to our journeys and how we are impacted by encounters with other people. We are like the recluse headlined in the newspaper, that on his death everyone discovered was a very rich man, but he was poverty stricken in connections to others. God is so generous in every way and would like His followers to spread the word. Invite others to the table to share New and Abundant Life. I hope that we are all moved to act in love and to offer Christ’s joy to others.


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